As a young person travelling the world for the first time I learned to connect with people across a variety of language and cultural barriers.


Since then I have led a portfolio life – my work and interests, from horticulture to business and the arts, often intersecting in curious ways.   For example, as a horticulturist I learned about links and interdependencies in nature and as a small-business owner I learned the importance of understanding links between businesses and customers.  


Now, as a writer I like to reflect on what I have learned and to explore further; from connections in the ecosystem, to connections between people in communities and how business couples work together successfully, networking with suppliers and customers. I also enjoy exploring the different ways that ideas and emotions can be conveyed through the visual arts and in writing for children.


In line with my different interests I have divided this site into six broad areas: Ecology; Business; Community; Artist’s books; Children's Books and Current Projects, with my books and other resources grouped accordingly.


From an artistic perspective a common theme running through my work is the role of story and storytelling. From a philosophical perspective I believe that business is dependent on people and people on the planet and that understanding these interdependencies can both provide new insights and help us to determine fundamental priorities.

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The Kindness of Strangers

In researching and writing I have often been surprised and impressed by the kindness of strangers.

Small business owners, corporate executives, civil servants, scientists and academics from around the world have taken the time to answer my questions and share their expertise.

I continue to be both humbled and inspired by the generosity of spirit they have shown.

Tall, Green & Well- Connected

Click here for a link to my book on inter-dependencies between trees and other forms of life in the global ecosystem, available now in paperback and as an e-book:

Tall, Green and Well-Connected: Trees in the Ecosystem